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We offer a wide variety of specialty classes, training programs, and security assessments that will help your organization protect their patrons, staff, congregation, students, and assets.

Our services are tailored to your organization’s unique requirements and are designed to compliment existing resources and policies.  Our instructors are former military personnel, active and retired law enforcement officers, private security contractors, paramedics, EMTs, and first responders who have decades of experience with in hands - on instruction


Small Business


We recognize the challenges small businesses face, including limited resources and tight schedules.

We are experts at working with small businesses to create tailored training programs that work with both their schedules and budget.

Whether you need medical, workplace safety training, or emergency response planning, we are here to provide cost-effective solutions that ensure your business is well-prepared for any situation.

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We specialize in assisting medium to large businesses by offering flexible training solutions that work with busy schedules. 

We understand that time is a valuable asset, and we can break training sessions into multiple convenient segments. This approach allows your team to participate without disrupting daily operations significantly.

Whether it's medical, or active violence response training, our modular approach ensures that your employees receive comprehensive training while still managing their work commitments. 

Educational Institutions


In today’s world, violence in schools is a sad reality that we must address.

At Third Coast Preparedness, we offer customizable training programs that can be tailored to teach both staff and students alike.

From medical and active violence response training to emergency preparedness drills and physical security evaluations, our team is uniquely prepared to empower your staff and students with the skills they need to mitigate the loss of life during a violent encounter.

Healthcare Facilities


Our comprehensive training programs encompass a wide range of essential skills, including use-of-force, non-lethal weapons, situational awareness, active violence response training, and physical restraint techniques; just to name a few. 

We understand the unique challenges faced by healthcare professionals, and our expert instructors are equipped to empower your staff with the necessary training to enhance their safety and security in the workplace.



At Third Coast Preparedness, we offer specialized training programs designed to address the unique needs of religious institutions.

From situational awareness and emergency response training to de-escalation techniques and active violence response, we can equip your church’s security team with the skills they need to handle challenging situations with confidence. 


We utilize our private firearms range, cutting-edge modular shoot house, and customizable barricade and obstacles to customize our training to specific criteria and situations and give your team the most realistic training possible.

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LEO and Gov Agencies


At Third Coast Preparedness, we offer customizable training for law enforcement and governmental agencies. 

From advanced medical and weapons training to active shooter response, we can equip your officers and agents with the skills and techniques required to keep them safe and help them protect and serve their communities effectively.

Our comprehensive approach includes access to advanced facilities such as our private firearms range and modular shoot house, enabling realistic and hands-on training experiences. Our expert team is dedicated to ensuring you are well-prepared for any situation you may encounter in the line of duty.

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